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[icon] Updating books read... - desperately seeking marcus flutie
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Subject:Updating books read...
Time:06:52 pm

somewhere along the way I stopped keeping track of the books I read...but these are the ones I finished before the end of this summer. So hooray- a book a week.

1. Bergdorf Blondes: Plum Sykes
2. Honeymoon: James Patterson
3. In Silence: Erica Spindler
4. Open Season: Linda Howard
5. Fade To Black: Wendy Corsi Staub
6. Heartbreaker: Julie Garwood
7. Blue Smoke: Nora Roberts
8. You've Been Warned: James Patterson
9. Accidental Demon Slayer: Angie Fox
10. Bubbles Unbound: Sarah Strohmeyer
11. Unspoken: Lisa Jackson
12. Daddy's Little Girl: Mary Higgins Clark
13. Touching Evil: Kay Hooper
14. I Heard That Song Before: Mary Higgins Clark
15. Twighlight: Stephanie Meyer
16. New Moon: Stephanie Meyer
17. Eclipse: Stephanie Meyer
18. The Three Of Us: Cynthia Victor
19. Me Talk Pretty One Day: David Sedaris
20. The Subtle Knife: Phillip Pulman
21. Swapping Lives: Jane Green
22. Slowburn: Julie Garwood
23. Holidays On Ice: David Sedaris
24. Three Men and a Body: Stephanie Bond
25. As Good As Dead: Beverly Barton
26. Ricochet: Sandra Brown
27. Sacred and Profane: Faye Kellerman
28. Judge and Jury: James Patterson
29. Copy Cat: Erica Spindler
30. Body Of Lies: Iris Johansen 
31.The Manolo Matrix: Julie Kenner
32. Dead Man's Cell Phone: And I'm a terrible person who has no idea who wrote it.
33. Just Listen: Sarah Dessen
34. I Love You, Beth Cooper: Larry Doyle
35. White Witch, Black Curse: Kim Harrison
36. Isabella Moon: Laura Benedict
37. Blood Dreams: Kay Hooper
38. Breath of Scandal: Sandra Brown
39. Maggie Without A Clue: Kasey Michaels
40: The Jester: James Patterson & Andrew Gross
41. Hemlock Bay: Catherine Coulter
42. The Kill: Allison Brennan
43. Dearly Beloved: Wendy Corsi Staub
44. Blue Bloods: Melissa De La Cruz
45. No Place Like Home: Mary Higgins Clark
46. Summer Sisters: Judy Blume
47. Pandora: Iris Johansen
48. The Quickie: James Patterson
49. Dark Horse: Tami Hoag
50. Stupid and Contagious: Caprice Cane
51. Perfect Fifths: Megan McCafferty

Now for my new list:

1. To Have and To Hold: Jane Green
2. Breaking Dawn: Stephanie Meyer
3. Red: Erica Spindler
4. Say Goodbye: Lisa Gardner
5. Brown-Eyed Girl: Mariah Stewart
6. Lost Souls: Lisa Jackson
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Subject:Don’t Tell the Kids
Time:2010-03-06 01:55 pm (UTC)
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Subject:Vita subsided beauty and argumentative side which leads ears were rupt.
Time:2011-01-12 02:18 am (UTC)
Pleased Reborn Year[url=http://sdjfh.in/flexpen/],[/url] everyone! :)
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Subject:ikikeiip qeek
Time:2011-01-17 04:07 am (UTC)
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[icon] Updating books read... - desperately seeking marcus flutie
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