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[icon] welcome to the world - desperately seeking marcus flutie
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Subject:welcome to the world
Time:10:34 am
 1. Marley & Me 
2. Bride Wars 
3. Bedtime Stories ( I love Russel Brand) 
4. Last Chance Harvey 
5. Inkheart
6. He's Just Not That Into You
7. Coraline 3D 
8. Friday the 13th 
9. Taken
10. Knowing
11. 12 Rounds
12. Fast & Furious
13. Seventeen Again
14. State of Play
15. X-Men Origins: Wolverine
16. Star Trek
17. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past
18. Night At the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian
19: Drag Me To Hell
20. The Hangover

1. Bergdorf Blondes: Plum Sykes
2. Honeymoon: James Patterson
3. In Silence: Erica Spindler
4. Open Season: Linda Howard
5. Fade To Black: Wendy Corsi Staub
6. Heartbreaker: Julie Garwood
7. Blue Smoke: Nora Roberts
8. You've Been Warned: James Patterson
9. Accidental Demon Slayer: Angie Fox
10. Bubbles Unbound: Sarah Strohmeyer
11. Unspoken: Lisa Jackson
12. Daddy's Little Girl: Mary Higgins Clark
13. Touching Evil: Kay Hooper
14. I Heard That Song Before: Mary Higgins Clark
15. Twighlight: Stephanie Meyer
16. New Moon: Stephanie Meyer
17. Eclipse: Stephanie Meyer
18. The Three Of Us: Cynthia Victor
19. Me Talk Pretty One Day: David Sedaris
20. The Subtle Knife: Phillip Pulman
21. Swapping Lives: Jane Green
22. Slowburn: Julie Garwood
23. Holidays On Ice: David Sedaris
24. Three Men and a Body: Stephanie Bond
25. As Good As Dead: Beverly Barton
26. Ricochet: Sandra Brown
27. Sacred and Profane: Faye Kellerman
28. Judge and Jury: James Patterson
29. Copy Cat: Erica Spindler
30. Body Of Lies: Iris Johansen 
31.The Manolo Matrix: Julie Kenner
32. Dead Man's Cell Phone: And I'm a terrible person who has no idea who wrote it.
33. Just Listen: Sarah Dessen
34. I Love You, Beth Cooper: Larry Doyle
35. White Witch, Black Curse: Kim Harrison
36. Isabella Moon: Laura Benedict
37. Blood Dreams: Kay Hooper
38. Breath of Scandal: Sandra Brown
39. Maggie Without A Clue: Kasey Michaels
40: The Jester: James Patterson & Andrew Gross
41. Hemlock Bay: Catherine Coulter
42. The Kill: Allison Brennan
43. Dearly Beloved: Wendy Corsi Staub
44. Blue Bloods: Melissa De La Cruz
45. No Place Like Home: Mary Higgins Clark
46. Summer Sisters: Judy Blume

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Time:2009-06-15 12:39 pm (UTC)
did you get summer sisters from the book sale? cuz i saw a million copies there. and that's where i found mine way back in high school. love it!
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Time:2009-06-17 03:56 pm (UTC)
lol, yes i did. and i kept putting the one i picked back when i found a prettier one. i was laughed at. but you would have understood. it was really good!
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[icon] welcome to the world - desperately seeking marcus flutie
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